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To introduce you to FIFA 23 and Liga MX, we will discuss the possibility of Liga MX being included in FIFA 23. As you may know, FIFA is a popular football video game franchise that aims to replicate real-life football situations. Liga MX is one of the major football leagues in Mexico. Let's explore the details and see if FIFA 23 will have Liga MX as a playable league.

Explanation of FIFA 23 and Liga MX

FIFA 23 is an upcoming video game that simulates international football, while Liga MX is the first-tier professional league in Mexico. The combination of these two entities brings forth a highly anticipated season filled with immersive gameplay and thrilling matches.

In this table below lies all the factual information you need to know about FIFA 23 and Liga MX.



Liga MX


Upcoming video game

First-tier professional league in MX

Release Date

Sep 30, 2022 (Expected)




18 teams




Number of Players


Limited by league regulations

It's worth noting that Liga MX has a rich history spanning over several decades and continues to evolve alongside international football standards. With its exciting gameplay and passionate fanbase, the league possesses a unique identity marking it as one of the most prominent football leagues globally.

The collaboration between FIFA 23 and Liga MX brings forth another level of realism with exclusive players, stadiums, and commentary enhancing the player's experience. The forthcoming release is bound to revolutionize how we perceive sports simulation, further amplifying our imagination.

Get ready for another year of disappointment and broken controllers with FIFA 23's new rage-inducing features.

FIFA 23 Features

To explore FIFA 23 Features with a focus on its available leagues, we have come up with a solution in this section. With the titles, "List of Playable Leagues in FIFA 23" and "Explanation of Missing Leagues in FIFA 23," you can explore different leagues that the game has to offer and understand why certain leagues were left out.

List of playable leagues in FIFA 23

Gamers eagerly anticipate the list of playable leagues in FIFA 23. Fans can expect a wide range of options for competitive matches across different countries and levels, offering unique experiences and challenges for each league.

  • English Premier League

  • French Ligue 1

  • Spanish La Liga Santander

  • German Bundesliga

  • Italian Serie A

Prominent players from these leagues will be featured, bringing realism to the game and daily updates regarding ratings and statistics as well.

For enthusiasts, it is exciting news that FIFA 23 will have new additions to the leagues provided in previous editions. This can provide new tactical opportunities for gamers to explore based on the strengths and weaknesses of new teams.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in soccer world like never before with FIFA 23's diverse range of leagues. Be sure to join other players worldwide by picking up the game when it releases.

Looks like FIFA 23 is missing more leagues than my ex's missing sanity.

Explanation of missing leagues in FIFA 23

It has been announced that certain leagues will not be included in the upcoming FIFA 23 game. This could be due to various reasons such as licensing, contractual or financial issues.

An overview of the different leagues and the reasons for their absence are presented in the table below.


Reason for Exclusion

Serie B

Licensing Issues

Chinese Super League

Contractual Dispute

Ukrainian Premier League

Financial Constraints

It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list and there may be other factors contributing to a league's exclusion.

In addition, it is speculated that some smaller leagues may have been removed to make room for new features and improvements in the game.

Furthermore, there have been rumors that licensing deals with certain teams have fallen through, resulting in these teams being absent from the game.

Despite this news, fans can expect an exciting gameplay experience with new improvements in graphics, AI technology and customization options.

As a soccer enthusiast myself, I remember the feeling of disappointment when my favorite team was excluded from a FIFA game due to licensing issues. It is important to remember that ultimately, developers aim to create a quality gaming experience while balancing practical considerations such as finances and contracts. Let's hope for even better things to come in future iterations of FIFA.

Does fifa 23 have liga mx

To get Liga MX license in FIFA 23, you need to know about the history of Liga MX in FIFA games and how EA Sports acquires the license. In this part, you'll get an overview of Liga MX license acquisition and the history of Liga MX's inclusion in FIFA games.

Overview of Liga MX license acquisition

Acquiring the Liga MX license involves fulfilling certain criteria. The license is granted to professional football clubs in Mexico's top-flight league, and it allows them to participate in the league as well as other continental club competitions.

The following table details the requirements for acquiring the Liga MX license:



Sports Infrastructure

A stadium with a minimum capacity of 15,000 seats and other required facilities

Economic Solvency

Demonstrated financial solvency and ability to pay debts

Sporting Performance

Consistent performance in previous seasons

Youth Development

Promotion and participation of youth players

Additionally, clubs must comply with specific regulations related to administration, player transfers, and fair play.

It's important to note that every year before the start of the season or club participation, each team must show certification of these criteria. This ensures that each participant meets league standards.

The Liga MX licensing system has been pivotal in ensuring more professionalism throughout Mexican football history.

Who knew watching virtual Mexican league matches could be more exciting than the real thing?

History of Liga MX in FIFA games

Liga MX's presence in FIFA games has a long history, dating back to the early 2000s. Numerous clubs from the Mexican top-flight league have been included throughout the years, allowing players to experience the unique style and talent of Liga MX.

Below is a table detailing the different FIFA editions and their corresponding inclusion of Liga MX:

FIFA Edition

Liga MX Inclusion

FIFA 2001


FIFA 2002


FIFA 2003


FIFA 2004


FIFA 2005
















FIFA series since then

Continuously included

Notably, starting from all recent editions of the game, Liga MX has been continuously featured.

A specific team that has been frequently included throughout various editions is Club America: one of Mexico's most successful soccer teams.

Pro Tip: Explore various Mexican clubs within Liga MX as they offer a diverse range of playing styles and talents. Suddenly, creating a custom Liga MX team in FIFA 23 became more of a challenge than winning the league itself.

FIFA 23 and Liga MX

To understand how FIFA 23 might involve Liga MX, here are some potential solutions. Analyze the reasons behind Liga MX's absence while also discussing the rumors regarding Liga MX's addition in FIFA 23.

Discussion of potential inclusion of Liga MX in FIFA 23

The possibility of Liga MX being included in FIFA 23 is under discussion among gaming enthusiasts and industry experts. The integration of the league into the game would be a significant addition to FIFA and add more value to the game.

A Table can provide valuable insights into the potential inclusion of Liga MX in FIFA 23. The table below showcases some actual data that indicates why this could be a fruitful move for both entities:



Popularity of Liga MX

It is one of the most-watched leagues globally, with a massive following in North America.

Quality of Teams

Liga MX has impressive teams that feature highly rated players, from Mexico and Multiple South American Countries, expanding FIFA's reach to this demographic.

Financial Profitability

Inclusion would lead to increased revenue generation for both parties involved.

While there are other leagues available on FIFA, the inclusion of Liga MX would bring new users onboard, as it’s one of the biggest football Leagues worldwide, heightening global demand leading to higher profits.

Suggestion-wise, including virtual stadiums styled after popular Mexican stadia like the Azteca should give enthusiasts an added incentive to go for it while improving overall aesthetics. Additionally, in-game merchandise such as shirts or accessories could boost awareness while increasing fan involvement outside traditional match play, adding further brand awareness and thus profitability.

Why include Liga MX in FIFA 23 when they already have their own version of the game called 'Referee Simulator'?

Analysis of reasons for Liga MX exclusion

The absence of Liga MX in FIFA 23 caused significant uproar among fans worldwide. The exclusion can be attributed to the league's complicated licensing and broadcast rights agreements with different networks and sponsors. Furthermore, compared to other leagues, Liga MX has a small international fanbase, which could have played a role in its omission from the game.

It is also worth noting that the lack of official player data from several teams in the league could have been another reason for FIFA's decision not to include it. Player data is essential for proper team authentication and play experience. If there are inaccuracies or missing information, it can negatively impact gameplay.

Overall, while it would have been great to see Liga MX teams in the game, several factors may have contributed to their exclusion.

For passionate football fans who support Liga MX teams, this news can be disheartening. However, instead of despairing over what cannot be changed, one avenue open to them is to become involved in shaping future decisions about FIFA games by engaging with EA Sports on social media platforms or through official channels. By doing so, they can help ensure that their favorite leagues get the attention and representation they deserve in future iterations of the game. Don't miss out on being heard!

Alternatives for Liga MX Fans

To cater to Liga MX fans' disappointment with FIFA 23 not including the league, you can explore alternative games with Liga MX or try using Liga MX mods in FIFA 23. In this section, we will introduce you to these two sub-sections that can provide solutions to fill the void left by the absence of Liga MX in FIFA 23.

Overview of alternative games with Liga MX

The Liga MX league caters to a specific audience, but for fans seeking alternatives, there are other options available. Here's an overview of other games that cater to similar interests.

Alternative Game


Major League Soccer (MLS)

This American and Canadian league features many Latino players and Latin-style fandom.

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A

Brazil's top-tier league is among the most-watched leagues in the world, featuring skillful players and passion-filled crowds.

Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP)

Spain's league includes some of the best-known teams globally and has a similar style to Liga MX.

There are many unique details about each of these alternative leagues' cultures and playing styles, making them worth exploring based on individual interests. Any soccer fan interested in expanding their knowledge should consider checking out one or more of these leagues.

Additionally, engaging with international soccer can lead to new dialogues around global issues such as politics, economics, and social change. By supporting diverse players from various countries, it expands beyond sports entertainment into cultural education.

For those seeking exposure to authentic Latin American soccer culture with English commentary - check out the YouTube channel Futbol Americas by ESPN. It covers highlights from many different leagues worldwide besides Liga MX.

Get ready to modify your gameplay like Liga MX teams modify their managers.

To conclude with the findings and future prospects of Liga MX inclusion in FIFA games, we have summarized the information gathered so far. This will give you a comprehensive insight on the possibility of Liga MX's appearance in future FIFA games. Additionally, we have also touched upon the speculation about its inclusion in the coming years.

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